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Baby's First Bath

So you're finally home from hospital with your newborn baby and revelling in those newborn cuddles. Then the realisation dawns on you... what am I doing? How am I going to look after this baby? This tiny little baby is relying on you for everything: food, warmth, comfort, everything.

You panic - yes you've read all the baby books but your sleep deprived fuzzy head has forgotten everything.

Well don't worry, all new parents have been there and had that exact same feeling! One of the questions you've probably asked yourself is how do I give my baby their first bath? The good thing is you don't need to bathe them straight away, it's actually a good idea to leave them for a little while or for a few days as baby is born with vernix on their skin which is a natural moisturiser that protects your baby from infection.
In the meantime you can top and tail them instead (wiping their face, neck, hands and private parts with warm boiled water and cotton wool). 

When you’re ready to bathe baby, the number 1 tip is to be prepared. Make sure they aren’t hungry or tired and don’t feed baby after they’ve just fed. Ensure the room your bathing them in is nice and warm. 

Have everything ready within reaching distance. We found having the following items was useful: baby bath with baby seat, thermometer, a towel and wash cloth, a clean nappy, clean clothes and a book to read for quiet time after. Also it was easier to have another pair of hands to help as babies can be slippy! 

So fill the bath up around a third full and make sure water is warm - a thermometer is useful here or if you don’t have one then use your elbow to check. You don’t need to use any soap for their first bath.

- Wash baby’s hair first by supporting them over the bowl and then dry hair.
- Strip baby and pop them in their bath seat in the bath. Use wash cloth and gently swish water over baby without splashing. Always be with baby and never leave them on their own. 
- Take baby out carefully and pat try with bath towel (top tip: pop your bath towel on a warm radiator so it’s lovely and warm when you wrap baby up) 

And voila, that’s how you give your baby their first bath. Of course you may want those second pair of hands to take lots of photos! Then you can settle down with baby and read a book and have a cuddle. 

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