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Planning a toddler birthday party

We successfully held our first toddler birthday party recently! Apart from having 8 crazy kids running around at home and it being a mad house for a couple of hours, the party ran pretty smoothly. 

We were debating whether to hold a party for our son this year, but because (like most) we had a lockdown birthday last year we thought why not? And kids love parties don’t they, it’s such a big thing for them at this young age. 

We decided on holding it at home rather than at a hall or venue because a) we didn’t want the faff of having to transport all the party bits to it and b) covid was still rife and we didn’t want to lose any deposit just in case the party couldn’t go ahead.

Firstly we decided on a number of toddlers to invite, keeping the number under 10 (plus a parent) we thought was manageable. Then came the organising, which took about a couple of weeks. Our son decided on a theme then it was a quick shop around for the main bits… decorations, balloons, cake and party food.

Birthday party

Of course tip number 1 was researching the theme and Pinterest was our go to - so many ideas! Once we decided what we wanted we wrote everything down that we needed to buy in order of priority. 

Then it was the party planning! 

We found it really useful to plan an itinerary of the day, here was ours:

3:30 - everyone arrives and gets settled

4pm - couple of party games, pass the parcel is always a winner! 

4:30pm - disco

5pm - tea and cake

5:30 - party finishes and party bags handed out

Tip number 2 - 2 hours is about the right time for a party.

Tip number 3 was keeping to the itinerary so we could fit everything in and not miss anything. We went to a party recently and the birthday cake/singing happy birthday was so rushed at the end, which is one of the main parts!

And our final tip would be to have fun and spend time with your child to make sure they are having a good time. Sometimes it’s easy to get side tracked by making drinks/sorting food etc but other parents are normally on hand to help out which we found, a big thanks to those parents! So it was lovely to actually spend time with our son and watch him enjoy himself at his party 🥳

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